I am firm believer in the local bike shop(LBS). I try very hard to buy all my gear at a LBS. I also try to spread my money around to the various local shops.

Here is my LBS story, growing up in Cedar Falls, Iowa, my local shop was Europa Cycles. I used to hang out there and rode with the guys. One summer on RAGBRAI, my derailleur broke at the beginning of an 80 mile day. I shortened my chain and called my parents from a pay phone. I asked them to go to Europa and get me a replacement derailleur and meet me about 65 miles into the ride.When I got to the pre-arranged meeting place my dad showed up with almost a dozen different derailleurs. The guys at the shop weren’t sure what kind I needed so they sent me one of every model they had in stock! The said I could pay them at the end of the week. I love my LBS.

Now I do buy cycling gear online but only if my LBS does not carry the item I need.

Europa Cycles The shop I grew up with in Cedar Falls.
Northtowne Schwinn One of two great shops in Cedar Rapids.
Hall Bicycle The other great shop in Cedar Rapids.
BikeWorld My LBS away from home in Des Moines.

One Response to LBS(s)

  1. Jared Christensen says:

    You have the same philosophy I do. I buy mostly from Northtowne, primarily because they’re only a mile from where I live. However, I do occasionally venture into Hall because they tend to carry things that others don’t. For example, Northtowne doesn’t carry Kool Stop brake pads. I went to Hall yesterday and bought a pair. Great upgrade. My roadbike actually stops now.

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