Keep the Rubber Side Down

Down the trail, after the fall

Falling off your bike is no fun 😦 A couple of weeks ago I fell off mine. My wife and I had just dropped my son off for cross-country practice. The team was going to run along the Hoover trail so we decided to ride from the trailhead to Ely and back and then pick him up. I was riding my road bike that day and everything started out fine. It was a nice ride and since there was a big football game that day the trail seemed pretty empty.

As we passed through one of the prettiest sections of trail I was coming up on my wife quickly from behind. She moved a little bit to the left and I decided to slow down so I wouldn’t hit her back wheel. Unfortunately I decided to slow down by reducing the force on the pedals. On my fixed gear bike I usually modulate the speed by adjusting the pedal force rather than using the brakes. Since the fixed gear cannot glide it is easy to use the pedals to make minute speed adjustments. However on my road bike with its Phil Wood hubs, when you stop pedaling it keeps on rolling. I ran right into Jan’s back wheel and promptly went over the handlebars.

Fortunately, I was thrown into the grass not onto the asphalt. Unfortunately the one time we saw bikers and walkers on the trail was when I fell. Nothing hurt but my pride. The next day I realized my shoulder and neck were a bit sore. That’s what I get for not paying attention 😦

Biking is a low impact sport as long as you don’t have any impacts. Keep the rubber side down.

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